Risks of the operation

There is a certain level of risk associated with any surgical operation, and complications cannot always be avoided. Before you decide in this case, you should be aware of the following:

Type of ComplicationRisk
Shifting ring (the ring slips)1%
Infection in the casing, or shifting casing2%
Effusion and perforation causing deep infection and requiring further surgery 1%
General complications: phlebitis, pulmonary embolism1%
  • Some of the above complications may require further surgery, either local (casing problems), or general, most commonly coelioscopy, to remove or adjust a ring which has shifted.
  • Strict monitoring will be performed, and the ring will be tightened in accordance with weight loss. This will be carried out under radiology control.
  • Death is always a potential risk, as in any kind of surgery, but this is extremely rare (less than one in a thousand operations), and the risk of death is certainly no greater than crossing the street in a crowded city.
  • For experienced surgeons, the incidence of complications is much less than the rates shown above.